You cant fix it if you dont know what’s broken

At MIGS 2015, I went to see Alexandre Denault’s talk You can’t fix it if you don’t know what’s broken. The title just screamed User experience to me.

Alexandre started to explain he’s seen poeple trying to fix problems without knowing them, and it’s not pretty. The first step to problem solving is determining what’s broken, then fix it. Often, finding what’s broken is actually harder than fixing the problem. And then I realised Alexandre was discussing system administration, and realised how much UX shares with Ops.

In this article, I revisit Alexandre’s talk from the perspective of user experience and how we share methods and tools with sys admins to solve different types of problems, that sometimes come together.

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Designer mieux pour gagner plus

Lors de la conférence Flupa UX Day 2015, j’ai assisté à une présentation sur le ROI par Eric Marillet. Ses conseils pour vendre? Parler le langage du business et mixer les méthodes quali et quanti pour adresser l’ensemble des indicateurs financiers, marketing, les sondages et enquêtes.

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