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This site discusses Cornélia’s passions : User Experience and Game Development, which combined into her career in Games User Research.

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Hands on Axure Tutorials

This series of tutorials will take you from discovering Axure's interface through creating advanced interactions using repeaters.

Collection of mobile & tablet game usability reviews

This series of usability reviews focuses on mobile games onboarding, touch interactions and overarching insights that may apply more broadly.

Shadowrun level editor tutorials

This series of tutorials explains in detail how to create your first level in Shadowrun Hong Kong, including some hard to find troubleshooting tips for mac users.

Early access feedback surveys

Reacting to a feedback survey and its results found on the Steam forums, here's some risks that come with the benefits, and how to mitigate them.

Tron Evolution review

A look at Tron's usability and general impressions.

Heuristic evaluation of Mini Ninjas and how to describe problems

A game usability analysis used as an example to dissect how to effectively frame findings.

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2019-01-09 - actu

I finally had enough of the wordpress plug-in bloat and third party tracking. I tried using custom themes and plug-ins, but the CMS remains overkill, so I’m migrating the whole thing to Jekyll. This is also the opportunity to undo dated SEO optimisations that harm the user experience, cleanup the performance, old content and be more mindful of visitor’s privacy and bandwidth. All this should make the site much more energy efficient too. Next step will be green hosting.

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