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Ergonomie et conception de jeu vidéo



Orsoral worked on several indie and AAA video games as a UX researcher, as well as consulting on websites, productivity apps and human factors for a variety of industries. With 13 years of experience in UX design and research, this site shares her passion for games through the lens of research, field studies and playfulness. She also develops games as a hobby and strives to grow most of her own food.

Guest authors

La tournouille

Human factors professional since 1999, La Tornouille wrote his thesis on immersion in games and teaches GUR while working as an independent consultant. He’s also an RPG game master whose nickname is also his warcraft guilde.


Cédric worked several years in game development before he specialised in games user research. After 5 years as a game user researcher with a deep understanding of analytics, game design and Axure prototyping, he’s now working in another industry. He’s also a big Zelda fan.

About this site

Realites-paralleles is born from a desire to engage the online community about my hobbies. The site has evolved a lot:

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