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User Experience design and research

This section of the site discusses user experience, usability, research and design as a whole.

It includes:

Articles on this topic

Hands on Axure Tutorials

This series of tutorials will take you from discovering Axure's interface through creating advanced interactions using repeaters.

By Cornelia on 2020-03-20

Creating customer journey maps

How to use customer journey maps to reduce the gap between the ideal intended experience, and the current reality of your product.

By Cornelia on 2017-04-16

Unsubscribing from mailings, a case study

Example of a poorly worded web page, and how important UX writing can be to keeping users engaged with your product at that critical time where they're about to churn.

By Cornelia on 2017-04-16

The use of dark patterns when upgrading/updating to Axure 8 creates a frustrating experience with the website

Rant about my struggles updating Axure.

By Cornelia on 2016-06-09

Axure 8 - just when you think of moving on, the new features make you stay

Axure developers are working hard to keep up with quickly changing industry needs, whithin a very competitive space.

By Cornelia on 2015-10-09

Usability Hub tests review

As platforms make it easier to create online studies, it's also easier to create studies that will result in unusable, or even misleading results.

By Cornelia on 2014-08-04

The epic adventure of buying a qwerTEE

Rant about how optimising the user experience for a new business modal can alienate existing users.

By Cornelia on 2014-01-06

How do users really hold and interact with their mobile devices ?

Results of a year long observational field study of users interacting with their mobile phones.

By Cornelia on 2013-12-12