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Indie Game Business Cong 2021 best bites

  1. Starting as an indie
    1. Nathan’s indie growth story
  2. Funding an indie studio
    1. From banks
    2. From venture capital
    3. From user acquisition capitals
    4. Game Developer Funds
    5. Publisher
    6. Patreon
    7. Kickstarter
  3. Launching on Steam
    1. Get your game wishlisted
    2. Nathan’s first paycheck
  4. Marketing matters
    1. Kickstarter tips
  5. Social media
    1. Social media managing at among us
    2. Building community before release
  6. GamHERs on the business of building a business
    1. Freelancing
    2. First steps for a startup
  7. Building IP and brand
    1. branding (company/franchise and game content)
    2. characters & world
  8. Sound design
  9. Localisation QA
    1. Formations jeux video
  10. Kickstarter tips from the Trese brothers

Starting as an indie

Nathan’s indie growth story

Funding an indie studio

From banks

From venture capital

From user acquisition capitals

Game Developer Funds




Launching on Steam

Launching an indie game on Steam (take aways from Nathan Wulf’s talk about his first indie paycheck)

Get your game wishlisted

Marketing matters

Kickstarter tips

Social media

Social media managing at among us

Social media doesn’t help with conversions but being accessible to the audience helps with keeping players engaged. For a young audience like among us’s:

How do you chose what to respond to and set boundaries e.g. not responding on Sundays etc.

Among us had moderate success in specific areas (korea, brazil) before it spiked in north america/western countries. Marketing efforts for that relied on giving streamers keys, apply for events, little marketing and PR done. After V.Tran joined: we really need this, but it still also takes time to do. Prioritizing is hard.

Working with 5 people makes communication easier (and harder!). For example, easy to know who to ask for help and get immediate answers, but often everyone’s busy! Culture fit is extra important when hiring in such small setting.

Building community before release

GamHERs on the business of building a business

GamHERs is a for profit business to develop community diversity in games. There are non profits that helped us be here through advocacy and scholarships. Our mission is to elevate the fact that women in gaming is the norm, deserving to be recognized and taking part in the employment in the industry too. Being for profit enables us to create jobs to hire and pay women and diverse workers. First gamer awards event by women for women, got lots of traction from going viral thanks to not only inform nominees but also provide them (spoon fed, ready to go) resources to share the event, call for votes/support etc.


Freelancer rates are not as universal as I used to believe. School doesn’t teach you about starting your business, network and charge, and actually get paid for your work. Is it ethical to undercut other people’s rates? Are you fair to yourself? to your competition?

First steps for a startup

  1. There is space for everyone, you can still start a company even if there is another similar company already existing.
  2. Talk to potential customers. Reach out to other professionals, 5 a day! Build a community.
  3. Just do it, every week, consistently.
  4. Check out what your role models are doing, follow them, check out the vibe and learn from the experience.
  5. The smarter (not just harder) you work, the luckier you’ll get: make your own luck.

Very income redbubble > not, art gets stolen streamlabs if you have good art that ges on tshirts or socks, do it! review other people’s products if you can afford it order one of your own stuff threadthis for tshirts society6 is more expensive but products are much better quality threadless is good, easy to share revenue/sales Make your own laser cut stuff

Building IP and brand

This was 70% of the value of IO (hitman) when they sold

Sound design

“If you compare yourself to others you’ll be bitter. If you compare yourself to yourself, you’ll be better.”

Localisation QA

Formations jeux video

Kickstarter tips from the Trese brothers

Kickstarter is a long cycle with pre and post-campaign. Best practices need to be applied throughout.

Be Realistic:

Cost: 15-25% of campaign funds go towards cost of the campaign, including marketing material and rewards… Mony needed: ask what you need, stretch to what you think you can get, have extra stretch goals in case it does unexpectedly much better than the rest. Don’t make your backers worry that it’s not gonna fund. Don’t plan a campaign you think will fund on the last day, aim for mid-campaign.

Commitment: 5 to 6 years per campaign

It’s a wild ride: second full time job, doubling hour commitment during the 30 day fundraising window. Plan no other work can be done while the game is live.

Be patient

Have partners: don’t go alone. Video team for great trailer, PR team to expand reach and message (not post with twitter bots)… Backerkit to help with post campaign phase

Backer happiness: make a good game. Set bounds and clear guidelines esp for in-game content e.g. revise that head, backer wants a giant mission, not a small one etc. Stuck between rock and hard place. Some people you just can’t make happy, don’t take their money.

Key success indication: how many people upgrade from their pledge to higher tiers is what you want to aim for. You can’t do that if you reveal everything upfront.

Having a really good first day: successful campaigns have a strong beginning (from you), a strong end (from kickstarter) and middling middle. - Prep your backer list before you start, cause only 30% of funds will come from kickstarter organically. That will earn you places on the featured / high discovery list. BYOB (bring your own backers)

Don’t go big for your first campiagn: make a small first project, be successful, build your successful track record! Don’t spend 3 years building your first million dollar campaign off the bat! Deliver on your promises. Aim for 5000 dollars if that’s a viable thing to do!

Never go silent at any time, be consistent in pacing and messaging.

backers check: 1/ video 2/ funding status, are other people excited, can it fund? 3/ description/art 4/ updates, is it active

Keep your rewards simple, extremely clear what the differences are

Have a launch procedure: step by step for launch day, it’ll be crazy and require so many things, communication with partners etc.

Cybernights had 120 items, make sure to pre-plan it, it’s less stressful to just punch down each lien in the list.

Don’t discount pre-orders through an early bird pricing. They are many other aspects you can give to your most excited supporters. Back in the day, pre-orders were more expensive.

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