[Video] Hands on Axure : getting started

I’ve been giving regular workshops teaching Axure for nearly 6 month now. This new series of step by step tutorials covers basic to advanced Axure techniques in video format.

Videos alternate topic based demonstrations of how to use Axure with practical exercices to train your skills by reproducing the layout and functionality of an existing site using Axure 8. You’ll also find short videos reminding how to create a specific interaction and “office hours” type videos focusing on practical questions that were asked to me during the workshops.

Axure interface, creating pages and linking them

This first video covers a brief overview of the Axure 8 interface. You’ll learn how to create pages from widgets, use masters and link pages together. If you prefer a text based version of this information, I encourage you to read this tutorial on the axure interface.

Pop quizz

The best way to remember something is to test your knowledge. This pop quizz is meant to help your learning process. You can use it in three ways. Here’s how to use a quizz to learn more efficiently :

  • Try to remember the answer by yourself before looking at the choices. You’ll learn more efficiently if you try to recall the asnwer first  than if you look at the possible answers and recognize the right information.
  • Complete the pop quizz and send the form with a valid email to get individual feedback along with your score. Honestly, the score doesn’t matter much, but the feedback will help you focus on areas you need to work on.
  • If you don’t want to submit your email, that’s perfectly fine. Completing the quizz is actually more important that getting the results or clicking the send button on the form. Just thinking of the answers will help you remember them better. If you’re unsure, you can always check the video again.

Take the quizz about the Axure interfaces

If you complete the quizz and validate the form with your email, I’ll review it and you’ll recieve your score by email along with individual feedback on your answers.


Then, practice your skills by making a sketchy, greyscale wireframe of the following three pages, then link them together. Make sure to use all and only the skills described in the video :

You can upload your prototype to axshare and submit this “assignment” here by sharing the link to the prototype to get feedback :


Learning new skills requires practice. The exercices help undestanding, memorizing the content by needing to remember it, and noticing areas you need to work on more. Doing the exercices helps more so than getting the results. I recommend completing both the quiz and the assignment even if you don’t submit them.

For the practice, as for the quizz, submitting answers requires a valid email adress to which custom feedback will be sent along with the results.

You can also post your questions and prototypes in the comments section for feedback and share feedback on the prototypes of others.

Happy prototyping !