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Rule of Rose

Rule of rose has been depicted as a vicious game in which you have to torture or slaughter innocent children, and of which the goal is to make them suffer as much as possible. clearly poeple saying that never bothered playing till the end. Most likely, they didn’t even bother playing it for more than the five sufficient minutes that it takes to slaughter a dozen imps and confirm the all-violent hypothesis.

Rule of Rose is really a lesson of friendship and teaches you to stand up for what you believe in. It certainly has a disturbing side, and that is what makes it all the more interesting and deep. Further than lame enemies, this game is based on deep psychological and philosophical content. it takes a lot of thinking, for anyone who wants to understand what happens below the surface.

Most of the story is not understandable until the very end, and even when the game is finished, there still are a lot of unknown factors. Hence, the extra level makes it possible to get a clear picture of all that happened, and a second play will probably reveal even more symbolic throughout the tales that are told.

One may say that there is no direct connection between the horrors depicted in Jennifer’s story, and the horrors that happened among the aristocrats. Yet, when one knows the plot and how it is set, it all makes sense.

Rule of rose has more to offer than an uneasy thrill and second or third level interpretation possibilities, it is a game that should lead to thinking, as much as surviving a horror game.

Posted by Cornelia on 2009-02-13. Last updated on 2020-07-22

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