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I’ve been working a while to further optimize this site, mostly reducing the weight of images and improving their accessibility by adding tables in text instead of screenshots and converting some to webp. The entire site is not down from 342.5MB to 142.2MB. Few new articles but I am cleaning up a few older drafts.

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Réalités parallèles goes green

I finally had enough of the wordpress plug-in bloat and third party tracking. I tried using custom themes and plug-ins, but the CMS remains overkill, so I’m migrating the whole thing to Jekyll. This is also the opportunity to undo dated SEO optimisations that harm the user experience, cleanup the performance, old content and be more mindful of visitor’s privacy and bandwidth. All this should make the site much more energy efficient too. Next step will be green hosting.

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Don’t Playtest Your Game

Where Steve reminds us that testing your game at an event full of fans, moderated by the creator of the game is a bad idea. Who’s gonna tell someone that their wrinkly child is ugly and could use a fresh diaper?

His post is about why you shouldn’t playtest your game. But it’s not about why your game shouldn’t be tested. It just shouldn’t be you, the developer, doing it.

Playtesting during development is invaluable, and it’s great to see how enthusiastic many teams are about running their own tests. However there are a number of biases and pitfalls that we often see in tests run by the developers for their own game, which alter the feedback received and greatly reduce its value.

In his post, Steve cover some of these biases and look at ways in which they can be minimised.

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Gamification at Work & the end of gamification

Steve shared an interesting post bout Gamification at Work: a book designed for practitioners to introduce people to implementing gamification on an enterprise level in the workplace. Through promoting best practises from user research, the book aims to avoid the bad design which apparently will cause 80% of current gamified applications to fail.

He’s since revisited it to discuss the end of gamification.

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