What the Interweb says about ENJMIN

Who talks about ENJMIN online?

Aside from official communication from the school itself, let’s look at the online reputation of ENJMIN between July 2014 and January 2015 on social networks.

Twitter is the most represented platform with 50% of the mentions.

Websites 33%
Forums: 10%
Online media coverage: 5% only, is very little
Blogs: 3%

note: social networks like Facebook and Linkedin have a very active ENJMIN community composed of students and alumni, but they are not part of the survey.

The large majority of posts (about 95%) originated in France.

A couple also come from Canada and the USA, Brasil, UK, Spain and the eastern Europe.

Despite this, about 25% of the posts are written in English, vs. 70% only in French.

Top contributors who discuss ENJMIN are the SNJV (french games industry syndicate), top notch game developpers who came to be godfathers or speakers and attended the school’s events, but also its students, alumni and the schools partners, like Magelis. On the media side, Charente Libre and Le Monde are the media who discuss ENJMIN the most online, with a bit of Gameblog and a bit of Gamekult as the top media coverage.

What do people say about ENJMIN?

15% of the mentions are positive. Three types of positive comments stand out: Speakers who are happy with their experience at the school and meeting students, reports of the schools’ international quality and successful student projects receiving praises and awards

5% of the mentions are negative, mainly relating to the old buildings, and the new website (which, IMHO is justified since whoever built it completely failed to take in account usability)

All other comments are neutral: stating events, deadlines for student candidates, and awards earned by student projects.

Peaks in negative mentions are in November, while this year, the highest positive mentions peak took place around the inauguration of the new buildings of the school, in December.

When people talk about ENJMIN, what else do they mention?

Most posts talk about exhibitions and game development. They also refer to the school’s leader, Stephane Natkin, Trailers of student projects, and the city of Angoulême where the school is located.

Some posts also mention serious games, game jams, game user research and the schools partners like the Gobelins and the CNAM.