Don’t Playtest Your Game

Où Steve nous rappelle que finalement, tester son jeu sur un salon rempli de fanboy, animé par le papa du projet, c’est comme montrer une photo de son bébé. Pas question de dire au fier papa que son bidochon tout frippé, il est moche et aurait bien besoin d’une couche fraiche.

By Steve

This post is about why you shouldn’t playtest your game. But it’s not about why your game shouldn’t be tested. It just shouldn’t be you, the developer, doing it.

Playtesting during development is invaluable, and it’s great to see how enthusiastic many teams are about running their own tests. However there are a number of biases and pitfalls that we often see in tests run by the developers for their own game, which alter the feedback received and greatly reduce its value.

In this post I cover some of these biases and look at ways in which they can be minimised, to Lire l’article…

Source: Game User Research