Prototyping mobile games with Flinto

I’ve been looking into alternatives to Axure. Don’t get me wrong, Axure is still my favorite prototyping tool, but I need to keep my skills sharp. I’ve started with protopie, but my first article will deal with Flinto : a very easy to learn tool that lets you quickly create tactile prototypes.

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Creating customer journey maps

A customer journey map is a powerful tool to bridge gaps in delivery and customer experience of internal teams. After a presentation at World IA Day 2016, I was inspired to share the content of this talk and add my own two cents to it.

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Unsubscribing from mailings, a case study

I’ve started using a spellchecking plugin recently, exploring better ways of showing fixes. As soon as I created an account, I started receiving newsletters – which I can’t remember signing up for, but it’s expected. As I always do, I clicked the unsubscribe button immediately, and the unsubscribe page is very interesting to me.

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