Beyond : two souls


Quantic Dream proposes games that challenge the definition and nature of gameplay itself. In doing so, it also faces specific usability issues and proposes solutions to others. Many articles about the game discuss how the game fits in game design theory concepts like how Beyond Two Souls addresses game and play. This one focuses on its strength and weaknesses in terms of usability and user experience, in particular in comparison to the previous titles of the studio. Let’s have a look at some of the good ideas to learn from, and some of the issues that remain.

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A game usability review of Triple town

Screenshot_2014-02-25-08-44-39Triple town

Triple town is a mobile puzzle game by Spryfox that has kept me addicted for quite a while, despite the free to play time limiting features. In this article, I will introduce the game’s strength, then walk you through some of the usability issues that would be worth fixing to make the experience even more enjoyable.

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The epic adventure of buying a qwerTEE

Some site revamps or evolutions bring fresh and new air, others seem to focus on showing what they tried to fix, while breaking whatever worked. I get the feeling this is what happened to qwertee, my personal favorite compulsive buyer shop.

Redesigned recently, Qwertee adopted a fat design look, while their previous modern flat was pretty pleasant. Ok, that’s just me. From the outside, my guess would be to say the original concern was that the Last Chance Tee wasn’t sold as often as could be. So that was fixed, let’s walk through how.

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