DICE 2010: “Design Outside the Box” Presentation

Un speech excellent sur la convergence des médias et ce que sera un futur où le jeu a envahi la réalité. En partant de Facebook, on finit dans les trophées de brossage de dents et comment les mécanismes psychologiques en jeu dans les jeux peuvent servir à inciter à regarder des pubs, dans une peinture surréaliste du futur.

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Rule of Rose

Rule of rose has been depicted as a vicious game in which you have to torture or slaughter innocent children, and of which the goal is to make them suffer as much as possible. clearly poeple saying that never bothered playing till the end. Most likely, they didn’t even bother playing it for more than the five sufficient minutes that it takes to slaughter a dozen imps and confirm the all-violent hypothesis.

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Modern technologies and education

Modern technologies allow for two things: communication and information is the most known part and originates the name TIC, but further than that, modern technologies are the build material that compose satellites and robots. More then information alone, TIC can be converted into acts, and the combination of these allow for completely new education standards.

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Women, on both sides of the screen

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Is there a correlation between more female developpers leading to more female gamers?

It’s a bit the question of the chicken and the egg. Who was there first? We know for sure the first developpers were men, so some women had to take interest in games anyway in the first place. Clearly, there were few, but we’ve reached a stage where there’s enough for some of them to take interest in development.

Those maybe have a better idea of what girls would like. But let’s have a look at what the situation is, that will tell us more.

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