Shadowrun level editor : troubleshooting (mac)

If you tried to start the shadowrun level editor and it either doesnt’ start at all, fails to start after loading a level, or fails to launch the playable level when ou try to test it, you may find a fix in this article.

Editor does not start

Editor does not start when launched from the game’s content screen.

I already got the editor running before, but now it does not start anymore. When I click on the button in the content screen, it seems to load, but then it closes again instead of displaying the editor window.

Typical reason for this is the ShadowrunEditor.ini file is messed up. Search for it or browse to it in your documents / shadowrun folder. Delete the file (back up if needed). It will reset your editor settings, but it should start again.

If you were working on a scene and you get a long error message listing all the missing props, you may need to redefine the correct path to content pack dependencies if the default ones were not working.

Editor crashes when you try to open a scene / map

I was working on a map, and it worked perfectly fine. Then after one (of many) crashes, the editor didn’t start anymore. Deleting the .ini file worked, but then loading my content package and opening my map became really slow. A couple of times, I let it run and finally got a Mac notification saying it ran out of memory. One or two times the map loaded, but the editor crashed as soon as I tried to do anything with it.

Seems like the map is corrupted. Remember the last few things you edited in the map. Go to your content pack folder and check the scene / map files in the data folder. They’re labeled with the name you gave them, for example : (for the scene) and mymap.srm.txt (for the map).

Check their size, it should probably be less than 1Mb. If it’s 2Gb, like it was for my map, open it with a simple code editor so you can see the syntax (notepad++ or sublime, for example).

I found over 60 000 000 lines of code in the file, 59 998 000 of them being props groups. Deleting all those fixed the maps. This happened after I tried to use the new hong kong grouping feature.

Level does not compile

Level doesn’t start when you try to test

I click on the green button with the arrow, I setup the next step and validate, then nothing happens. My level looks fine in the editor, but I can not run it to test what I made.

If it happens once, try again. I usually have to click the button twice for the editor to grab control voer the game launcher.

If it does not work after multiple attemps, close everything and delete the ShadowrunEditor.ini file in the shadowrun folder of your documents, where your projects are stored.

If you have multiple shadowrun games installed, the hong kong editor may try to use the wrong .ini file Make sure you delete all the files called ShadowrunEditor.ini from your computer if there are several.

Corrupted saved games after using editor

Save games are there, but display an error message

I finished getting the editor to work and playing a bit with it. I wanted to play sme Hong Kong when I noticed all my save games had no icon and an error message saying “missing assets”

This can happen if, like me, you have a mac and need to copy the content packs to a different folder to be able to access them from the editor. By default, Mac moves content rather than duplicate it. Chances are you deleted a file by accident, for example by movig it instead of copy-pasting.

If you know which that would be, you can copy it back.

Else, you can use steam to “verify the local content integrity” or simply re-install the game, just make sure to back up any of your custom content.